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Strauss Publications on Identity and Social Psychology

"Persons can be conceived as taking some particular stance toward the historical, supra-personal past. They may be memorializing it, rejecting it, recreating it, cashing in on it, escaping, or in flight from it; these are but a few of the countless possibilities. Personal styles are built around such possibilities, and entire series of personal acts may be viewed as strategies in rejecting, escaping, recapturing, and the like. A man may write a book, marry a woman, or build an organization for such ends. When we interview persons we catch them during some temporal cross section in the building or transforming of styles that lead to history; this is one important way to regard the contents of interviews and conversations."
Anselm Strauss Mirrors and Masks (Free Press, 1959:169).


Introduction to the French Translation of Mirrors and Masks: The Search for Identity (1992)