On Coming Home and Intellectual Generosity
Adele E. Clarke and Susan Leigh Star
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From:   Legacies of Research from Anselm Strauss. 'On Coming Home and Intellectual Generosity.' Symbolic Interaction 21(4):341-464.



The Work Sites of an American Interactionist:
Anselm L. Strauss, 1917-1996
Isabelle Baszanger           (81k PDF file)

This paper offers a situated overview of the work of Anselm Strauss. Beginning from its intellectual genesis at the University of Chicago with Blumer and Hughes, Strauss's creation of a sociology of action through concepts of routine and nonroutine action, negotiated order, social worlds, arenas, properties and kinds of work, and trajectory are examined. Strauss's ideas about medicine and chronic illness, psychiatric institutions, death and dying, awareness contexts, biography and trajectory are discussed. His profoundly innovative contributions to research methods, including grounded theory and the integration of structural elements through his conditional matrix, are also detailed. In conclusion, the ways in which Strauss himself framed the critical space of an interactionist sociologist are laid out through new interview materials.



Anselm Strauss' Grounded Theory and the Study of Work
Roberta Lessor
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Anselm Strauss was interested in the sociology of work in every sense, and used his grounded theory method to observe and analyze everything he encountered, including his own “medical work.” Drawing on the reflections of his students, this introduction briefly examines Strauss’ everyday work mode using grounded theory. The eight articles in this special issue honor Strauss by using his theories and methods for studying varieties of work in very different settings. The final article in this collection provides selected statements from graduates who had the opportunity to study with Strauss. Their voices reveal how Anselm Strauss influenced their lives and work and speak for the many sociologists he trained.


Magdeburg Memorial Conference Statement (1999)
Soeffner and Schutze
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Letter of Recommendation for Faculty Research Award (1987)
Fritz Schutze
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